All flanges are available with Flat Face (FF), Raised Face (RF) or Ring Type Joint (RTJ).

Weld Neck Flange


  • Long-tapered hub and are often used for high pressure applications. 

  • Ideal for extreme fluctuations of temperature and environments where there may be high pressure/temperature.

Orifice Flange


  • Supplementary to standard pipe flanges when an orifice plate or flow nozzle is to be installed. 

  • Pairs of pressure tappings are machined into the orifice flange eliminating the need for separate orifice carriers or tappings in the pipe wall.

Slip-On Flange


  • Flexible product - easily fittable and weldable into different pipes. 

  • Ideal for lower pressure applications. 

  • Preferred instead of Weld Necks due to low cost and the fact that less accuracy is required when cutting pipe to length.

Blind Flange


  • Round plate with all of the relevant boltholes but, no centre hole which provides for the feature to close off the ends of a piping system and pressure vessel openings. 

  • Permits easy access to vessels or piping systems for inspection purposes. 

Socket-Weld Flange


  • These flanges are attached by inserting the pipe into the socket end. 

  • Enables smooth bore and better flow of the fluid/gas in the pipe. 

  • Mainly used for smaller sizes of high pressure pipes.

Threaded Flange


  • Slip-on pipe flanges except the bore of the threaded flange has tapered threads. 

  • Ideal for relatively low-pressure piping systems. 

  • Used with pipes that have external threads. 

  • Welding not required for attachment.

Lap Joint Flange


  • Slides over the pipe and commonly used with Stub End fittings as the Lap Joint flange is free to rotate around the stub end. 

  • Often used for applications that require frequent dismantling. 

Girth Flange


  • Used for mating two segments of a pressure vessel. 

  • Widely used in shell and tube heat exchangers/other process equipment to mate various components.

Material Specifications:




Carbon Steel

ASTM A105/ SA 266, ST37.2/ C22/ C22.8

Stainless Steel

ASTM A182 304/304L/304H, 316/316L/316H, 317/317/317H, 321/321H, 347/347H, 316Ti


ASTM A182 F51, F60

Super Duplex

ASTM A182 F53, F55

Nickel Alloys

Alloy 20, Hastelloy C276, Monel 400/500, Inconel Alloy 625/800/825/600

Alloy Steel

ASTM A182 F1, F5, F6, F9, F11, F22, F91

Low Temperature Carbon Steel 

SA 350 LF2, LF3.

High-Yield Steel

ASTM F694 F50, F52, F60

**Please Request for Quote for specific materials.